Laurain Aesthetics & Medical Concierge Services, LLC

…more than just a name, it’s the future of quality care.
As Concierge providers, our patient load is limited, which allows us to give you the extra time and attention you deserve.

Want a softer, younger, more relaxed look?

Want to rejuvenate?

Want help losing weight, trimming down, or keeping weight off?

On vacation?

Out of pocket insurance costs too high?

Not feeling well and don’t want to leave your comfort zone to go to the doctor’s office?

New in town and not sure where to go?

Sunburned, dehydrated, hung-over?


You can receive on-site medical and cosmetic services at a time and location convenient for you!
Exams, school and sports physicals, procedures, and treatments done in the comfort of your home, office, hotel…you pick the location!
Your safety and comfort come first!
Staffed by licensed, certified, and experienced professionals.